With all the different types of makeup to keep track of, there isn't really a good application that allows users to catalog their makeup and build collections and looks. Traincase is an looks to provide users with an easy means of inventory their collections, wishlist items and looks all in one application.  


The application has to be more than an inventory application, it needs to allow users reasons for cataloging their makeup in the first place. Connecting products users add to their collections and wishlists can be matched with their looks and linked to their favorite retailers to be re-purchased. 


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The home screen serves the users needs by showing glances of their main drawers with the easily ability to swipe to various configurations (slices) of their makeup collections depending on what the user's intent is when launching the app.


Product Category Drawer

From the drawer view the user has the ability to quickly see what's in their collection, blacklist and wishlist as well as move products from one sub-category to another. 



Product profile

The product profile is customizable and specific to each user. While, they can scan in general metadata from the barcode scanner or UPC code of their products, each user is encouraged to write in notes, add custom photos and rate their products as it relates to them. This gives the user the ability to recall what they love, and what they don't.


Custom looks

Looks are a way for users to bring their makeup together into a unique look for them to recall again and again. Looks serves a purpose beyond ranking products to their liking but allowing users to capture looks they love with the products they used.

iOS App available on the iTunes App Store | Android in Development