Video mastheads on show pages aim to deliver a more engaging product experience, leveraging easy-to-consume short-form content to give users a way to easily determine if a show is worth watching.


The short-form content used in the video mastheads must not contain spoilers and should be personalized to the user, meaning that each user should receive a specific set of "clips" to start watching or continue watching a show based on where there are in the series.




The show page defaults to a series of clips — based on where the user is in the series — playing in the background to ramp up the show episode that is best place to start (or continue) watching through the default selected "Smart Start" tile.



The show metadata overlays when a user selects the More/Hide Details tile where the video masthead will continue playing the series of clips.




As a user scrolls, a singular tray of content will be in focus which gives the user the chance to browse the full episode list without disrupting more of the video masthead playback.


Episode loading

Users that select the "Smart Start" episode or another episode from the catalog will be taken straight into playback bypassing the episode details pages altogether.


Player controls

When a user decides to engage the player controls, metadata for the episode automatically overlays as well as options to pivot against the episode.


Player Browse

If there happens to be an episode the user is not highly engaged in, the user will have the ability to browse other content recommended to them without disrupting playback. Selecting a new series will take them to a new show page with a video masthead.

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